It’s that time of year again when the Eldersauer beer is ready for release. This is a very distinctive beer that needs a little time to condition — we bottled it early July. In fact, one brewer noted about last year’s batch that it would even more excellent in a year, or two. So if anyone does have a bottle or two from last year then do hang on to them and crack open much later on a special occasion.

Actually, that is another distinctive thing about our Eldersauer. It has a die-hard fanbase who hunted off licences for every last bottle last year. We heard tales of people rocking up to a shop that they had heard still had some bottles only to find their brother, perhaps, walking out with the stock – ‘nah mate, you’re too late.’

So, to be sure, folks we have 1,160 bottles of this year’s release. It has the same gooseberry-ish, cider apple notes with the elderflower predominant. A super beer when chilled, it has that tartness and effervescence that makes it such a refreshing beer. Enjoy it, until next year’s batch! Or keep it for a year or two…

…if you can resist the temptation to crack on anyway!


Elephant Rock India Pale Ale

It's International IPA Day today, and as our summer seems to have been submerged with a mini-monsoon season, while World Elephant Day fast approaches, the name for our newest India Pale Ale stands out in the cliffs close to Dunluce Castle.

For this 5.7% IPA , the brewers used a grain bill comprising 20% malted oats. This gives the beer a super smooth, rounded and full mouthfeel. With the malts adding a caramel backbone, we then have the Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra hops combining to deliver a delightful mix of mandarin, passion fruit, pineapple and just a touch of gingery spiciness at the end.

Watch out for 500ml bottles and kegs to arrive in your local stockists over the next few days.

West Bay Citra Pale Ale


Amidst the brilliant bustle of our first Portrush Beer and Food Festival in Portrush Town Hall last year there were a few constants in the feedback at the event. Chief amongst them were ‘great atmosphere’ and ‘that West Bay Citra is fantastic, get that out!’. We had brewed a few specials for the festival and this one definitely resonated with people. So we kept it on the back burner, determined to brew it for a general release in the summer.

In order to attain as much Citra as possible we went with pellets and an old school filtration method. Having seen photos of Cloudwater’s vessels after their dry hopping regimes we thought ‘have a piece of that’. That’s our Citra moon – it’s the bottom of our fv with a green hop encrusted trub and fv walls.

The only thing was, come the time to brew I couldn’t find the recipe. In fact, there wasn’t one. I realised I must have dry hopped a pale ale in the cask. So we simply had to replicate that.

You always wonder, as a brewer, if your best laid plans are going to work. Actually, it’s not wonder but more like ‘brewer’s paranoia’. Things can go awry in many different stages of brewing. You can be calmly talking to someone and then your hand shoots out involuntarily at the fruit fly that just entered the general vicinity. It is a bit embarrassing if it was beside their head. Or you finish a clean in place (CIP) on a vessel and then stop and mumble, walk about and then just for good measure dowse it all in sanitiser (again). It’s only when you crack the cap on a bottle of beer after it is properly carbonated do you get a good idea what you have created.

To cut a long story short, we had some big smiles when we cracked our first West Bay Citra. A big, juicy Citra aroma wafting out of the glass at a pace and then that classic citrus peel taste and bite when you take a mouthful. It’s a super gold hue from single pale malt, well carbonated so it has a real sharpness and zing. Summer in a glass.

Laying down the gold...

It’s been a big few weeks for everyone at the brewery with our first ever special having just been released. We have just launched “Utopian Stout” which is part of our new Limited Edition “Salamander Series” to selected outlets. This stout is an 8%, full bodied, medium dry Export Stout with a silky smooth mouthfeel and dark chocolate & coffee notes. Our Brewer Laurie has been working on the recipe for this for some time and we are very proud of how it has turned out, and it taking pride of place in being the first of many more specials to come as part of this small batch series.

For this new series we wanted to look at a suitable way of presenting these new bottles which will be released in very limited one-off quantities. Due to limitations, both practically and financially, of doing very small quantity print runs of the labelling, we decided to go for a generically branded main bottle label that will be the same across the multiple specials in the series, but to use a small coloured neck and over-cap label that identifies the individual beer, it’s type, ingredients, and ABV.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting our label printing partners NuPrint, based in Derry/Londonderry, who have done such a great job in already producing our 3 main core beer labels for our IPA, Golden Ale and Porter.

Having been involved with the graphic design process of many items at Lacada since the brewery’s inception, it was very exciting for me personally to actually get to visit their production facility and see these new Salamander Series labels being produced on the presses and coming off the print line as the finished product.

As many print designers will know, you normally send a printing job off from the comfort of your studio seat and screen, and in the majority of cases the next time you see it, it’s nicely packaged and delivered from the printers onto your desk or to the client directly. So it was very interesting seeing the process from start to finish, and watching the machines and highly skilled operators preparing our labels.

You really have to see the new bottles and labels to appreciate how nicely they turned out with lots of lovely gold foil being the core design & print elements being used to give this new series that special look and feel.

By using NuPrint we are also very proud to be supporting another local Northern Ireland based business, and that is something that our Co-Operative takes pride in being able to source and use as many local suppliers and businesses as we possibly can. We currently purchase our bottles and cardboard boxes from Northern Ireland companies, some of our malt comes from this island, and we also use printers from across NI to produce our marketing materials and merchandise supplies.

I would like to personally thank Paul, Conor, and all the production team at NuPrint for facilitating my visit, and you can view some photos below of production and the final bottle.

Make sure to go out and buy yourself some Utopian Stout! It not only looks good with our new labeling, but is an extremely tasty and well accomplished beer in my opinion.

Keep an eye out for many more different brews in the Salamander Series being released over the coming months.

Greg Wallace

NuPrint and Lacada Salamander Series Labels