A Collaborative brew with Dead End Brew Machine, MashDown, and North Coast Smokehouse

A day of immenseness at Lacada! 4 brewers in one place together! What would unfold? First of all laptops opened, some sheets of paper and of course beer. Weeell it would be impolite not to taste another brewers' beer now wouldn't it, especially at breakfast time. The two Chris's had brought some of their own - a Vienna lager and a Spelt sour. It helped with the 45 minute pow wow on what beer we were going to collab that day.


A big Stout. Yea, but what is going to be different? So then a concept was born. We want it to make people think and taste the shore, salt spray, driftwood bonfire......hooo, a beer. There were, of course. lots of technical questions on water composition, brewhouse efficiency but also quite a bit more hands on skills. For instance, how much dulse to put in? Well, let's just taste it as we go along! I don't think we have tasted a brew so many times throughout a brew day. Well, we had to be sure (shore? arf!). When dealing with dulse we didn't want the beer to be salty but on the other hand we wanted the dulse to be there in the beer, in the right tasty quantities. And then there were the smoked malts.


Suffice to say, at the end of the day when the wort was in the FV and the yeasties were pitched the four brewers passed around the final glass. No turning back now. If we hadn't go it right we would taste it. Four swallys later and no-one had said a word. Then one brewer broke the silence - 'that is going to be one helluva beer!'