One of the advantages of running our tap rooms is the instant feedback we get on any test runs we are trying out. For this Blood Orange IPA, the grain bill is a little more complex than this style usually calls for. A little extra sweetness works well with the flavour of the oranges, and the colour deepens towards red.

It didn't generate feedback so much as rouse a chorus of “This!!! Release this beer!! It's the best blood orange I've ever tasted!”. In fact one quaffer wasn't content until he went online and stirred our members up to demand a release. He had his way. (BTW, we know where you live…)

We’ve a spectacular skyline here on the north coast all year round. There are such fantastic colours. The winter gives us amazing slate blues. Midsummer nights glow deep purple as the light never seems to leave the horizon. But it’s the spectacular orange sunsets that we want to honour. The sky blaze different shades of orange and pink as the light and clouds change every  minute.

So, as the evenings begin to stretch out into spring and summer, we are most happy to present you with Sundown.

We have no doubt this beer will make a fitting companion to our evening light shows!