Our Board of Directors and founder members who have worked to establish The Lacada Brewery Co-Operative come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of relevant experience and skills.


Board of Directors


Jonathan Owens (Director)

At one point in the mid-80s it looked like Jonathan was the lone crusader for wholefoods in the Triangle area of NI.

His ‘Viva!’ shop once blazed a trail for a different way of life with its downstairs wholefood supplies and its upstairs vegetarian restaurant. Jonathan has been providing wholefoods to the public and suppliers for nearly thirty years and brings his business experience to the team alongside his enthusiasm for the opportunities that working co-operatively can produce.


Rodger Doherty (Director; Secretary)

Rodger started his working life at 18 working in behind bars in pubs, clubs and hotels before joining the Civil Service.

He has been working in the Employment Sector for the last 5 years.

A long time trade unionist together bringing with him a vast knowledge of employment and recruitment and a keen advocate of the Co-op Business Model.

Laurie Davies

Laurie Davies (Director; Head Brewer)

Fascination with fermentation started for Laurie when he first saw a bubbling airlock on a demijohn of country wine, nestling above a range in his friend’s house on Bodmin Moor, in his native Cornwall.

With a thirty-odd year journey of home brewing behind him, Laurie has embraced the recent turnaround in the drinking palate in Ireland, visiting breweries up and down the country and attending the Craft Beer Convention in Dublin. Laurie has a long experience in business, running his picture framing service for twenty five years in Portrush and he has a strong commitment to community. For five years he was a governor at the local integrated primary school, chairing Board meetings and heading up the staffing sub-committee. He has a keen listening ear and is a good facilitator.

People working together is a goal that Laurie has always been drawn to and he believes that community owned co-operative enterprises can now show their strengths and sustainable business model in the 21st century.

Phil Hernberg (Director)

Phil is a very active and long standing key member of Campaign for Real Ale for over thirty years, being a previous Chair of CAMRA Northern Ireland.

He is a chief organiser of Belfast Ale Festival, somehow finding time to give tutored tastings at the event amongst the throng of beer enthusiasts. Phil has such a long involvement in real ale here that he recalls helping out with the last microbrewery here on the north coast – Herald Ale in Coleraine in the mid-80s. There is little Phil doesn’t know about good beer.

Neil Hamilton (Director)

Neil has lived and surfed in Portrush for 20 years and received a BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology from the University of Ulster Coleraine in 2000 and a Masters of Research (MRes) in enzyme studies in 2002. He has been an Environmental Consultant from 2007 – present.

As a co-owner of Lacada Brewery he is proud that his love of the north coast and craft ale can be combined in the form of a local brand. He is passionate about spreading the co-operative message and the idea of building a business on a community based ethos.

Peter Bolan (Director)

Peter is a Senior Lecturer and Director of International Travel and Tourism Management in the Ulster Business School at Ulster University. His research interests and consultancy specialisms include film tourism, golf tourism, digital tourism and the growing importance of food and drink tourism.

Having worked in hospitality he has a strong interest in championing growth and development in the sector and is particularly passionate about the tourism potential of the north coast having its own craft beer.

Gordon Moore (Director; Treasurer)

Gordon runs his own business with many years experience in construction, steel fabrication and erecting. He has worked with workshop, site, and office staff, and feels he can be helpful in getting a job done.

Gordon spent many years in Young Farmer's Clubs as a Club Member, Leader and County Official, and always enjoyed all the meetings and events, especially the social ones where I met my wife.
At the time Smithwicks, Bass, Harp and Guinness were the beers of choice.
Nowadays he likes the opportunity to enjoy and learn more about the new craft beers that are available.

He looks forward to being part of the new Co-Operative venture with Lacada and believes it will be a success for those involved and also good for the local community.

Founder Members

Jack Reid

Returning home to Portrush with a degree in Physics and Philosophy, Jack took the step of applying both these disciplines to brewing.

Now he uses the physics to understand the science of brewing, and the philosophy to have a good chat over a pint. Besides his tweaking of recipes, Jack is developing mathematical models both of brewing and business and extensive beer tasting.


Julian Laverty

‘A special interest in beer’ - his own words - brings Julian to the group.

Besides his tasting prowess and home brewing experience Julian was also co-manager of a local bar for seven years. With thirty years of work in the sales sector Julian offers a wealth of insights into sales and marketing.

Nuala Trainor

Nuala has worked in many areas of marketing and sales for thirty years, both in London and back home here in the local media.

She has a keen eye for what can sell and what looks the best. As a qualified counsellor she is very much a ‘people person’ and is an enthusiastic participant in consensual decision making at meetings.

Kris Charteris

Kiwi Kris is the owner of Kiwis Brew Bar in Portrush and is not so much surfing the craft beer revolution on the north coast as providing the waves.

Hailing from New Zealand he brings that ‘get up and go’ attitude to the co-operative as well as his enthusiasm for beer that is not only good but also beer that is different.

Cary Jossart

Cary has over twenty years experience in committee work and facilitating groups in Ireland and USA and she has regularly lived and worked in communities where consensus decision making are the norm.