ABV15 Beer Festival

Last week on Friday 22nd May, 3 intrepid adventurers set off from Portrush to Belfast on the mid-day train en route to ABV Fest, a brand new beer festival taking part in the Titanic Drawing Offices.

We had been very excited for this day to arrive for quite a while, as not only had the event been sold out for over a month prior, but just the anticipation for what we knew was surely to be a unique and incredible event for beer in our country after seeing what breweries were going to be in attendance.

After arriving in Belfast, a swift pint was acquired in The Hudson and with another fellow Lacadian collected we set off towards The Titanic Quarter.

Probably arriving a good few minutes later than planned due to our built-in “North Coast” Sat-Nav not working very well, we found the amazing venue and well… this was our ABV15 as noted on our very nicely designed and presented festival menu cards.

Love it x2
Champagne of the North AKA the beer side of Prosecco
Crisp IPA for me
Fresh & clean, very good
Top notch for a low ABV
Pretty damn special
Uuum? Cherry Ale
Decent, a bit sweet?
Top job
Derivative, generic, BUT!, why are the beers so cold?
Nice lager, very clean
Just about the beer side of syrup
Jedi knight stuff, well sour
TBH I didn't pay too much for that
Big rhubarb aroma and taste
So, so
Aaaahh, ooofff, errr, oooookaaay, think I'll have another... 4 the road
Awesome, belter
All dayer
Good IPA
Hefty & Boozy
Sulphur, but good
Peppery, smokey
Kernel is better
Only a stout could taste anything like it
Light with an almost milkly mouth feel
Unreal sourness
Peppery, big body
THE BIG DOG. An outrage!

Laurie's Top 3:
Kinnegar - White Rabbit
Marble - We Are (Magic Rock Collab)
The Kernel - Table Beer

Hammy's Top 3:
Magic Rock - Cannonball IPA
The Kernel - Table Beer
Galway Bay - 200 Fathoms

Greg's Top 3:
Beavertown - Bloody ‘Ell
Siren - Half Mast
Galway Bay - 200 Fathoms

Jack's Top 3:
Galway Bay - 200 Fathoms
White Gypsy - Belgian Scarlet Sour
Buxton Brewery - Pic Tor

We'd just like to say a massive congratulations to Matt, Michael, Darren, Felicia, and anyone else that helped out in arranging such an amazing beer festival (as well as the amazing food on offer). We are very much looking forward to ABV16 already!

Laurie, Hammy, Greg & Jack