Thank You

We are so excited!

A massive, huge, THANK YOU to all of our co-owners and supporters who came out in full force and made the last 2 weeks of our share offer such a success. We had loads of you sharing our story, our vision, our links, and WE’VE DONE IT…HOORAY!

Our minimum target was £40,000. Our target £60,000 and our upper cap £100,000. Running into the last two weeks we were sitting at our minimum target, and in that short time, we've gone well above our £60,000. This is such an achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support and enthusiasm. We can now officially announce that Lacada Brewery is on the map, and we are ready to sail.
What does exceeding our target mean? Firstly, having the number of co-owners and supporters we do means together we have a lot of skills and contacts so new opportunities are already presenting themselves. It means we don’t need to rely on a bank loan to get started which is good news for us all. It also means we have some decisions to make about how to prioritise our spending. Having that little bit more might be starting off with equipment that is higher spec, which would create a more cost effective brew cycle. So all of you who are co-owners, look out for your next email and invitation to our General Meeting where we’ll be discussing (and voting on) what those priorities are.

We’ve been beavering away processing enquiries, applications and payments, getting our special co-owners limited edition beer glasses ordered, following up on premises, and figuring out how we can get Lacada out on shelves and taps as soon as possible. Head brewer Laurie has also just returned from a brewing consultation which you’ll hear all about soon.

This week holds several promising events for beer enthusiasts along the North Coast.
Monday 16th March; Wetherspoons, Coleraine kicks off its’ Real Ale Festival.
Thursday 19th March; Fairleys Bar in Coleraine host Farmageddon, another Northern Irish Beer Co-operative, for a meet the brewer evening.
Saturday the 21st March; The Sippy of Culture Craft Beers and Fine Ale event returns to Derry/Londonderry at the Legenderry Warehouse No1, showcasing their locals Northbound and Walled City Breweries.

Phew! We'll be kept busy - anyone fancy coming along?